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Nicolas Payton on why black people can’t be racist / Meditations on Integration

When Mingus went to Europe in 1964 he took with him probably the best band he ever had, also a composition that would later be called Meditations on Integration.  I can’t understand fully the meaning of this piece but I do think that it has something to do with Nicolas Payton’s understanding of racism.  Payton’s stance that black people cannot be racist is at first hard to understand.  I did not understand it for several months after reading the blog post, but now that I get it I can’t understand why I didn’t get it before. His view is that because black people don’t own anything in the large-scale economic world, they cannot inflict wide-spead economic prejudice (racism).  In other words the world economy is create by and largely benefiting for white people, both in Europe and America.  He says that even though African countries have economies of their own so to speak, they are on a global scale slaves to the much more strong white economies that dominate earth.  In order to be racist you have to have the kind of economic control that white people have in this world today.  Basically, what Mingus does is make this same point with music.

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Soviet Architecture: The Irony OF Fate IRONIYA SUDBY


Not quite functional, and not quite beautiful, this style is unique to say the least.

This just goes to illustrate how some White people find the idea of BAM very threatening. It really kills them to give it up to Blacks for creating it. They own everything else, yet can’t acknowledge this one thing we ask. If it makes you feel better, we couldn’t have done it without you. Had you not dragged our Black asses over here from Africa and beat the shit out of us, there would be no Blues, which is the basis of BAM.

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